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Single Wall mounted Propagation Station - Blush


Wall mounted Propagation station in Blush. 


Tube includes 

1 x Wall bracket 

1 x 24mm x 150mm Test Tube 

2 x Solid Brass Slot Screws

2 x Red Rawl Plugs  

Fixing Steps

- Firstly, decide whether which way you would like the bracket. 

- Place the bracket to the wall/Surface ensuring it is level and mark the wall where the fixing holes are.

- Remove the bracket. Using a 5 drill bit drill two holes deep enough for the Rawl plug.

- Once drilled push a Rawl plug into each hole (you may need to use a hammer to lightly tap into place) Ensure that the Rawl Plug is flush with the wall/Surface.

- Line the bracket with the holes and slowly screw them in with a flat head screw driver. Do not use a drill or imact driver as this can break the screw or you may slip and mark the bracket. 

- Once fixed remove the tissue from the test tube and feed through the bracket. 

- Now you are ready to fill with water or soil :)