Random act of kindness

After the last two years, I think everyone's head is a bit all over the place. I know mine is. 

We are launching our random act of kindness....because in these times we all need kindness.

How it works.....

Nominate someone to receive a Medium HOTT Soy candle worth £20 and a limited edition HOTT tote bag worth £6 (whilst stocks last) along with free delivery.

All you need to do is pop your name, email, and phone number below, then in the comments box write your nominated person's name and why you would like to nominate them. 

At the end of each month, we will pick 2 nominations randomly. If you are picked, we will contact you to confirm the delivery address. 

That's it.....no sharing, no liking this post, no sharing to your story, nothing.....this isn't a competition or a way of us to gain "followers" just something nice to do for our community. 

I mean if you want to give us a follow....you can here :) 

nominate here....